The Global Dilemma

Naturally, seeing is believing.

The fact is you can’t always trust what you can’t see especially when something ‘fishy’ is happening miles away from your comfortable living rooms and in our case particularly at sea, the blue planet that getting darker and mysterious.

The hardest truth is the blue economy that we are daydreaming is mixed up with all sorts of black activities. Pirate fishing is directly responsible for imbalance seafood supply and demand, price war, black market, human trafficking, slavery, corruption and the worst part is they taking an expensive toll to our shorelines, our corals, our coastal communities and literally the entire planet.

Clearly, it’s a CRIME. A transnational organized crime (TOC) that turns our planet’s blue color into darker mode.

This is our micro effort to enable TRANSPARENCY across the sea.

God saves us, we are in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

Join the revolution, be part of our hi-profile comrade!




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Voilà! See you on the other side, patriots!